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What Difference will SKIPS books make in your school?

We author and publish educational workbooks based on the principle of effective parental engagement bridging the gap between school and home. We often reach families who do not purchase work books regularly or where the parents (primary caregivers) do not feel confident enough to engage with the school material and/or homework.

We also offer bespoke seminars on parental engagement and on the creation of a sustainable school operation (introducing significant cost savings to your school as part of ecologically sound operational practices).

Parental Engagement is a corner stone in improving educational outcomes for children and changing family practices. The SKIPS method draws parents into to a joint learning process – and SKIPS acts as a bridge of communication in the relationship triangle of schools, parents and children.

In state sector schools, our books are used to narrow the achievement gap and are often financed by pupil premiums. Both state and independent sector schools use the SKIPS methodology to strengthen parental interaction with the school curriculum, to challenge pupils and parents with new material and to foster parental engagement with the school.

Through their fun yet academically challenging content and crossword and puzzle games, SKIPS books empower the parents to understand what their children are learning at school and how they are learning it.

We have won awards for our SKIPS campaigns.

SKIPS books support Schools, Parents and Children

SKIPS publishes educational Numeracy and Literacy work books for years 1-7 supporting the families until the crucial transition from primary school to secondary school.

Our Life Skills books reach years 4 and 5 with good citizenship and former PHSE subjects: the first book of the series, SKIPS Dennis to the Rescue Recycling book will be followed in 2016 by work books introducing concepts of a sustainable future (waste, water and energy savings) and road safety. (Please refer to the SKIPS books section for further information on our books and the book pipeline.)

Our SKIPS educational work books trigger a different dialogue between schools and parents – parents are participating in homework and teachers and parents join forces.

In the home itself, we literally bring learning back to the “kitchen table” – we value books and are purposefully not digital.

All work books introduce crosswords, puzzle games and other fun content that trigger family communication and joint parent/pupil learning. The activities support the national curriculum and create hidden learning in the family.

Cognitive science research endorses the SKIPS methodology: It has been established by US studies that parents with Maths anxiety transfer their anxiety to their children and, as a result, the child’s Maths performance actually falls if the Maths anxious parents help with the Maths homework. However, if the parents are equipped with the knowledge and confidence of supporting the required mathematical concept relevant for the exercise, the pupil’s Maths performance and attainment is raised and accelerated: Just one guided child/parent interaction in Maths accelerates the pupil progression by 3 (three) months in one academic year, particularly for children of Maths anxious parents.

This thesis of the highly significant impact of properly guided parental engagement applies also to other subject matters such as good citizenship and the former PHSE subjects. This is how our Life Skills Books create hidden learning in the family: they translate public policy objectives into changed family practices – enhancing sound and sustainable societal practices in the community.

Please refer to our Research section for further reading.

SKIPS Seminars on Parental Engagement and Sustainable Schools

SKIPS also offers Parental Engagement Seminars and Sustainable Schools Seminar Programmes.

These SKIPS seminars are bespoke to one school or a group of schools joining forces (irrespective of any affiliation).

Please do contact us to discuss your requirements and pricing options – you will find details of our Sustainable Schools Seminar Programme following the link on the homepage.

SKIPS and Local Schools – the heart of our operations

This is how we started – as a grass root company in Birmingham working with local schools.

At SKIPS we enjoy working with our local schools – they are the heart of the community and we highly appreciate the support of the SKIPS programmes by the school family.

It is our local schools, teachers, children and parents who give us valuable feedback and help us refine our SKIPS books. The SKIPS children and their families are the focus of our mission.

We are proud to make a difference to our SKIPS families and SKIPS Schools – and the business community.

We value the dialogue with all SKIPS schools and seek to interact with them regularly – trying to attend parental events and support the teachers and schools whenever possible. At the moment we are hosting the SKIPS Art Competition 2015 which will give children the opportunity to showcase their art on our website and win free SKIPS books for their class.

Some secondary pupils use the SKIPS books as an opportunity to mentor siblings or local primary school pupils – “mentoring partnerships” reward and benefit all participants significantly in both terms of academic skills and life skills.

Cost of SKIPS School Programmes and Pupil Premium Funding

Please contact us to discuss general pricing options – we would be delighted to support your school.

We offer a discount for the purchase of SKIPS school packages (and every school package will include the SKIPS educational programme guidelines). We understand that the purchase of SKIPS parental engagement books and programmes are candidates for pupil premium funding.

Some schools also approach their PTA or alumni to help sponsor a school programme or to add a Life Skills book package to numeracy and literacy packages.

The rationale for the SKIPS Parental Engagement Books

Educational research provides ample evidence that parental engagement is a crucial link in improving pupil attainment and changing family behaviour. SKIPS books are unique in their approach as they introduce curriculum based fun activities that trigger family communication and joint parent/pupil learning. We have won awards for our SKIPS methodology. Please refer to our Research section.

Testimonials from our SKIPS schools

Schools rate our books rate the quality of our books and their positive impact on parental engagement. We would be delighted to share additional feedback and testimonials from our schools.

Social Impact Reporting and independent SKIPS Research

As part of our commitment to stakeholders, our communities, schools and sponsors, SKIPS is dedicated to measure and report the social impact of its operations and campaigns.

Every campaign is important to us and we collect data on the impact of our operations and include them in our annual reports.

We are currently conducting independent extensive research on the effectiveness of the programme in a community wide project in Wolverhampton – it involves 24,000 SKIPS numeracy and literacy books and 12,000 children in 32 schools. The research parameters reflect the latest research such as a paper just published in the Science Journal.

SKIPS Educational Programmes

We created the SKIPS Educational Programmes in order to achieve our social objective that our books serve as an agent for behavioural change towards increased parental involvement and increase parental support. These programmes incorporate guidelines created reflecting findings from cognitive science research, advice from our professional advisers and our own scientific research.
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Engage Programmes for Independent Schools

The Engage Programme is a SKIPS outreach campaign for Independent Schools that builds meaningful relationships with state schools in the local community and potential scholarship candidates in other outreach schools. These campaigns are based on our SKIPS parental engagement books that empower parents to support the school curriculum in the family home.
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Sustainable School Programme

The Sustainable School Programme is a 6 module seminar programme for Head Teachers, Business and Finance Managers, Site Managers and Teachers, designed to educate and achieve immediate resource productivity gains and to generate immediate savings in resource cost for the independent school. Less is more.
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Parental Engagement Seminars

We offer bespoke school-based Parental Engagement Seminars that illustrate findings of the latest cognitive research and, through our practical approach, embed these into the homework routine – bridging the gap between school and home.
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